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Terrorists are out of religion: Argentinean Cleric

30 July 2017 18:43


Faisal Marhal, senior Argentinean cleric, noted that the current form of terrorism has never existed in the history of Islam warning that the pro-sectarianism and terrorists are certainly out of religion, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He slammed the terrorists for hijacking the freedom of other people saying,” The British-style Shia who fuels the flames of sectarianism is not less dangerous than Wahhabi rather he is under a heavier burden of guilt.”

The cleric noted,” Islam is popular among non-Muslim for its mercifulness. No matter how the terrorists claim to confront non-Muslims, Muslims fall as the main victim of terrorist acts.”

He noted,” The way terrorists serve Islamophobia and marginalize Muslim minority is a great oppression against these Muslims.”

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