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Armies of buses arrive in Arsal as evacuation deal is delayed

1 August 2017 18:34


The second phase of the Arsal evacuation agreement reached between Hezbollah and Ha’yat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) was delayed yesterday. The agreement which will see 9,000 HTS fighters, their family members and some residents of various refugee camps in Lebanon’s Arsal region transferred to Syria’s northwest province of Idlib is now set to take place today.

The reason for the delay is said to be due to transport preparations which were not completed yesterday. In order to fulfill this logistical requirement, more buses have since been sent to Arsal in order to move more people in a single transfer.

Furthermore, reports are now saying that in addition to the 9,000 jihadist fighters, family members and civilian sympathizers being bused to Idlib, another 3,000 militants of the Saraya Ahel al-Sham faction and their relatives will be evacuated to rebel-held towns in Syria’s eastern Qalamoun region.

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