Syrian Army retakes initiative in east Hama, recaptures lost points


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) retook the initiative in the eastern countryside of the Salamiyah District, Friday, after losing several points to the Islamic State (ISIL) terror organization near the town of Al-Mafkar.

Led by the 11th Tank Division and National Defense Forces (NDF), the Syrian military managed to inflict heavy damage on the Islamic State’s positions near Al-Mafkar, forcing the aforementioned terrorist group to withdraw from the town’s perimeter.

With all points recaptured, the Syrian Arab Army and their allies began a cleansing operation to secure Al-Mafkar and eliminate any lurking terrorist combatants still hanging around the area.

The Syrian Arab Army will now shift their attention to the strategic town of ‘Uqayrbat, where they will look to expel the remaining Islamic State militants from this rural area in eastern Hama.

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