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Homs: Terrorists’ Military Hardware Depots Destroyed in Syrian Airstrikes

5 August 2017 13:21


The Syrian Air Force carried out a fresh round of combat flights over ISIL’s positions in Eastern Homs on Saturday, targeting two large depots of military equipment and drones.

The army aircraft pounded ISIL’s positions in the village of Khatmalou in Eastern Homs, destroying a depot of terrorists’ drones and equipment.

In the meantime, the warplanes bombed ISIL’s strongholds in the village of Um Tweinah, destroying another depot of missiles and artillery shells.

Also, four ISIL tanks were destroyed in Um Tweinah and a number of terrorists, including several commanders were killed in air raids.

Relevant reports said that the army forces, supported by heavy air and artillery attacks, continued clashes with ISIL members in Eastern Homs, winning back control of Jabal al-Tantour mountain in the Western parts of al-Sukhnah and entering several farms near the town on Friday.

The Syrian soldiers also could regain control of several buildings in the Southwestern parts of al-Sukhnah.

Meantime, the Syrian and Russian air forces pounded the ISIL terrorists’ positions and moves in al-Sukhnah and the nearby areas, smashing several of them.

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