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Lebanese Army Standing Order to Raid ISIL in Mountainous Region at Border with Syria

8 August 2017 22:33


The Lebanese Army troops, their Syrian counterpart and popular fighters are ready now to launch a large-scale operation to drive ISIL terrorists out of heights in Eastern Lebanon at border with Syria, well-informed sources reported on Tuesday.

The sources said that the army has completed all the preliminary steps in the heights near the towns of al-Qa’a, Ra’as Ba’albak and al-Fakeha to launch a large-scale anti-ISIL operation in Northeastern Lebanon along the border with Syria.

The sources further said that the army soldiers, Hezbollah fighters and Syrian Army will partner in the operation in Arsal in three directions.

The raid will come after all Nusra-held territories in the same region were purged of terrorists in a massive assault by the Lebanese and Syrian armies as well as Hezbollah in recent weeks.

The Lebanese Army troops on Sunday stormed ISIL’s defense lines in mountainous regions at border with Syria and drove them back from several hills and heights.

The army units, backed up by artillery and missile units’ heavy fire, engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL in Lebanon’s border heights with Syria and managed to impose control over the strategic hills of Abu Ali and al-Zalil al-Aqra’a in Ra’as Ba’albak heights.

The army also captured al-Najasah hill and al-Zanar hills near Wadi Shabib region between Arasl and Ra’as Ba’albak heights.

The ISIL reportedly suffered heavy casualties in the operation.

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