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Photos- Hezbollah Military Media Shoots Posts Previously Controlled by Nusra Terrorists

8 August 2017 22:41


The photos below show positions controlled by Nusra Front Takfiri militants before their defeat in Wadi Hmayyed in Arsal outskirts following a wide-scale operation by Hezbollah fighters.

The photos, released by Hezbollah Military Media Center, show a swimming pool known as “Abu Malek’s pool,” referring to the name of Nusra Front’s Emir in Arsal outskirts, Abu Malek Al-Talli.

Al-Talli was evacuated, along with his militants and thousands of Syrian refugees, to Syria’s Idlib under a swap deal with the Lebanese resistance movement last week.

Five Hezbollah fighters who were held by Nusra terrorists in Syria were released as part of the deal.

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