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Exclusive: ISIL begins withdrawing forces from central Syria

9 August 2017 19:16


ISIL has begun withdrawing their forces in central Syria following the Syrian Arab Army’s recent gains in eastern Homs, a Syrian military source told Al-Masdar Wednesday.

“Our planes have spotted Da’esh fleeing east Salamiyah in large numbers,” the source told Al-Masdar.

“They are fleeing because they will undoubtedly be encircled by our forces soon. We are going to link up with the army in Resafa (southern Raqqa) and cutoff their supply route to east Salamiya,” the source added.

The Syrian Army’s recent success at Al-Sukhnah has led their forces to push north towards the Al-Raqqa Governorate rather than Deir Ezzor.

While lifting the siege on Deir Ezzor is imperative, the Syrian Army needs to clear the ISIL’s central Syria pocket in order to avoid any disruptions along the Palmyra-Deir Ezzor Highway.

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