Zionist media reveals Rabid Dog israel’s preparation to attack Gaza


Israeli media channels have reported today that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are in the midst of preparations for a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip. Furthermore, Israeli media is also announcing that the regime in Jerusalem plans to build an underground wall around Gaza.

This potential event-to-be comes at a time when Israeli Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu is under investigation for corruption. In addition to this, Netanyahu’s Likud party is at the present time suffering from a loss of support among far-right Israeli groups.

Tensions between Hamas and the Netanyahu regime are high after Israeli airstrikes were carried out on two of the former’s military positions in Gaza (which injured 4) as a response to an random rocket attack on the Ashkelon region of Israel. Regarding this event, Hamas arrested those responsible for the firing of the rocket, yet Israel, with the knowledge that Hamas was not behind the attack, still carried out raids against its military assets.

If the IDF does invade Gaza, then it will be the fourth time that Israeli regime forces have done so in the history of the besieged Palestinian territory.

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