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Syrian Fighter Jets Turn Common Border Region with Lebanon into Hell for Terrorists

11 August 2017 18:46


The Syrian Air Force continued to bomb ISIL’s positions heavily in different heights in Western Qalamoun mountainous region at the border with Lebanon, inflicting major losses on the terrorists.

The warplanes carried out several rounds of bombing raids on ISIL-held regions in the Western Qalamoun and targeted terrorist centers in al-Hashishiyat, al-Shaloubi and Jarajeer heights and in Fikha passageway in Qarah height, killing and wounding a number of terrorists and destroying their positions.

Earlier reports said that the Syrian army aircraft also bombed ISIL positions in the Jaroud Qarah and Jaroud Jarajeer regions of the Qalamoun Mountain.

According to a military source in Damascus, the fighter jets specifically targeted ISIL’s movements from the Zamrani Crossing, which is one of the terrorist group’s only routes to Lebanon.

The airstrikes are aimed at cutting off the ISIL terrorists’ supply line at the border and force them to surrender this part of the Qalamoun Mountains they still occupy.

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