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Syrian Army Receives More Flying Tanks amid Intensifying War on Terrorists

12 August 2017 17:32


The Syrian Air Force has recently received more Russian-made helicopters known as Flying Tanks, a Russian media outlet reported Saturday.

The Arabic-language website of Sputnik reported that the Syrian Air Force has recently received more Mi-24P military helicopters known as Flying Tanks from Russia.

In the meantime, Wistnik Moradfi website reported that the army had been utilizing the Flying Tanks in operations against terrorists in the war-hit country.

Reports said in Mid-June that the Air Force was using an advanced strong model of choppers called Flying Tanks to intensify attacks on militants in its recent advances in Dara’a.

Wistnik Moradfi website quoted a military source at the time as saying that the air force was utilizing Mi-24P military helicopters known as Flying Tanks in fighting terrorists in Dara’a.

The website quoted Yuri Liamin as explaining that Mi-25 choppers that were similar to Mi-24P model were recently been utilized in military operations against terrorists in Dara’a, adding that Mi-25 choppers had not earlier been used by the army in the battlefields.

Liamin further added that the Russian fighter jets had not operated in the region, so the Syrian military helicopters were active in Dara’a.

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