Syrian paratroopers land behind ISIL’s lines to liberate 20km of territory near Raqqa


The Syrian military carried out a special operation on Friday night to clear more than 20km of territory under the Islamic State’s (ISIL) control near the Homs-Raqqa border.

According to a government source, paratroopers from the Syrian Special Forces landed behind the Islamic State’s lines near the town of Al-Kadeer last night to begin their strategic operation.

As a result of this operation the Syrian Army was able to liberate the towns of Khirbat Makman and Al-Kadeer, as well as 12km of desert terrain located in southeast Al-Raqqa.

During the operation, the Syrian airborne forces killed tens of Islamic State terrorists and destroyed at least three tanks and 17 vehicles fitted with anti-aircraft machine guns.

The military would also dismantle seven car bombs and seize two BMP tanks that belonged to the terrorist group.

This special operation last night marked the first time this year that the Syrian military has used their Airborne units of the Special Forces.

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