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Hypocrites Sudanese Regime’s PM, officials pushed from activist’s funeral procession

16 August 2017 22:00


People attending the funeral procession of a prominent Sudanese rights activist have forcefully pushed zionist-puppet Sudanese regime’s  Prime Minister and First Vice President Bakri Hassan Saleh and a number of high-ranking officials from the ceremony.

According to a report published by the pan-Arab al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper on Wednesday, thousands of people had taken part in the funeral of women’s rights activist and Socialist leader Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim in the capital city of Khartoum.

The participants started to shout slogans against Saleh and the governor of Khartoum State, Lieutenant General Abdul-Rahim Mohamed Hussein, once they arrived at the funeral procession in front of the late activist’s house.

Video footage published on Facebook showed people jeering and booing the two senior officials and their entourage, and pushed them out.

The mourners, including supporters of the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP), representatives of various other political parties and women’s rights activists, also praised Ibrahim’s activities and those of her husband Alshafi Ahmed Elshikh, whom former Sudanese President Gaafar Muhammad al-Nimeiry ordered to execute in 1972.

Ibrahim was placed under house arrest for several years after the 1971 failed military coup, supported by the SCP and led by Hashim Elatta, against Nimeiry.

She left Sudan after Omar Hassan al-Bashir took power in a military coup in 1990, and joined the opposition in exile as the president of the banned Sudanese Women’s Union.

Ibrahim returned to Sudan in 2005 following reconciliation between the Khartoum government and opposition, and was appointed as a deputy in the parliament representing the SCP.

The late activist received the United Nations Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Human Rights in 1993.

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