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Syrian Air Force Dispatches More Warplanes to Kuweires Airbase in Aleppo

16 August 2017 16:43


Satellite images released on social media showed that the Syrian Air Force has sent a number of fighter jets to Kuweires Airbase in Eastern countryside of Aleppo city to use them in anti-terrorism operations.

The satellite images showed a clear build-up of Syrian Air Force attack aviation at the Kuweires Airbase in Aleppo province.

The aircraft in question are L-39 light attack jets, a staple asset of the air force tactical airpower.

Based on satellite pictures taken of the nearby al-Nayrab Airbase (also in Aleppo province), it appears that the build-up of military aircraft at the Kuweires Airbase came at the direct expense of al-Nayrab.

The images show that at least nine L-39s of twelve once present at al-Nayrab Airbase were relocated to the Kuweires Airbase at some point in the last six months.

The official reason for the transferal of attack aircraft from the al-Nayrab Airbase to the Kuweires Airbase is unknown at this time.

A military airport said on Thursday that Jarah military airbase in Aleppo came back into operation and Syrian and Russian warplanes carried out several anti-ISIL sorties from the airport.

The source said that Jarah airbase was being used again by Damascus and Moscow after four years of occupation by the terrorists.

He added that the Syrian and Russian fighter jets stationed in Jarah help the Syrian ground troops and their allies in their operations against the ISIL terrorist group in Eastern Hama and Southern Raqqa.

The Syrian army recaptured the Jarah military airbase in the Eastern parts of Aleppo in mid-May as pro-gov’t forces look to expel ISIL from Aleppo once-and-for-all.

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