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Syrian Army demands surrender of militants in north Hama, Homs

16 August 2017 16:53


Helicopters of the Syrian Arab Air Forces (SyAAF) have dropped thousands of leaflets over rebel-held settlements in northern Homs and northern Hama Governorates calling for the surrender of armed gunmen in these regions.

The specific message preached in the leaflets asks militants to turn in their weapons and reconcile with the Damascus government as many others have done so before them. It stresses that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is bound to win the war and that, with the Syrian crisis approaching its end, gunmen should accept the amnesty offer put forth by government authorities before it is too late.

This event comes as reports are ongoing about a huge Russian-arbitrated reconciliation process coming into effect in northern Homs which will see rebel forces in the Rastan region pull back from the Homs to Hama highway and Al-Qaeda-linked militants among their ranks evacuated to Idlib whilst SAA units retreat from certain militarized areas and lift the siege on various towns and villages in Rastan’s countryside.

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