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Syrian Army foils terrorist infiltration in northern Hama

17 August 2017 17:20


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), with help from the National Defense Forces (NDF), foiled a jihadist assault in the northern Hama countryside, killing and wounding 5 militants.

According to a field report from the Syrian Army’s 11th Division, a group of jihadists attempted to infiltrate their positions at the Al-Aliwi Farms that are located just north of Zalaqiyat.

Clashes would ensure for nearly two hours, as the jihadist rebels repeatedly attempted to advance at the Al-Aliwi Farms, despite being outnumbered and poorly equipped to engaged in a long battle with the Syrian Army.

Following the loss of two fighters, the jihadist rebels retreated from the area, leaving behind their dead, unidentified comrades.

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