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Terrorists in Sweida Ready to Free Syrian Army Pilot

17 August 2017 17:12


Media outlets close to the terrorist groups said the militants stationed in Badiyeh (Desert) region of Sweida province are willing to swap the captive Syrian army pilot with one of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) co-founders and leaders.

News websites affiliated to the terrorist groups reported that the Osoud al-Sharqiyeh terrorist group has declared preparedness to swap Ali Salem al-Halv, the Syrian pilot, with Hossein Harmoush, one of senior FSA commanders and founders.

One of the Syrian army fighter jets was downed by the FSA-affiliated Osoud al-Sharqiyeh terrorists in Sweida’s Badiyeh region earlier this week and the pilot was held captive.

Relevant reports in the province said on Friday that one of the most powerful Brigades of the US-backed FSA left more positions in Southern Sweida along the border with Jordan after the Syrian army troops’ advances in the region.

With nearly 57km of border territory conceded to the Syrian army units and popular forces in less than 16 hours, the FSA’s Ahmad al-Abdo Brigade was forced to abandon its positions and retreat across the Jordanian border.

As a result of their losses, the FSA have essentially given up on al-Sweida after more than a year of occupying the Eastern part of the province.

For the Syrian Army, the capture of the al-Sweida’s border with Jordan means the renewal of commerce between Damascus and Amman after more than two years of not sharing a crossing.

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