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Syrian Army Completes Siege on ISIL in Key Town in Eastern Hama

18 August 2017 17:25


The Syrian Army troops, backed up the country’s Air Force, have laid siege on ISIL in their last main stronghold in Eastern Hama, military sources confirmed on Friday.

The sources said that the army men have laid siege on a large number of ISIL terrorists in the town of Aqayrabat in Eastern Hama.

The sources added that the fighter jets pounded ISIL’s movements in the villages of al-Hardaneh, Abu Habilat and Abu Hanaya in Eastern Hama.

In the meantime, the Russian Defense Ministry announced in a statement that the Syrian soldiers, backed up by the Russian fighter jets, laid siege on a large number of ISIL terrorists in Aqayrabat, adding that the trapped ISIL militants were trying to escape from Aqayrabat towards Deir Ezzur.

Relevant reports said on Wednesday that the army men continued their advances against ISIL in Eastern Hama and imposed control over Jubb al-Mazare’a hill overlooking the village of Salba.

A military source said that the army’s siege on ISIL in Salba was tightened and terrorists’ supply line from the Western direction to the village was cut off after the pro-government forces took control over Jubb al-Mazare’a.

ISIL suffered heavy casualties and its military hardware sustained major damage in the attack.

In the meantime, the army’s artillery units shelled terrorists’ positions in Southeastern Hama and repelled their attack on pro-government forces’ positions in the small town of Tal Dareh West of the town of al-Salamiyah, killing and wounding a number of militants.

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