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Unique Syrian Army rocket launchers spotted in east Damascus

18 August 2017 17:35


A picture has emerged on pro-government social media showing two Syrian Arab Army (SAA) rocket launchers of unique design which are currently being employed against Islamist militants in eastern Damascus.

The weapon system (shown above) can be identified as the Syrian-built Golan 400 rocket launcher.

The Golan 400 system is basically a 3-launcher improvised rocket-assisted mortar (IRAM) thrower mounted on the back of a four-wheeler lorry.

In the battles for eastern Damascus, the SAA employs Golan 400 systems as a cheap means of pummeling Islamist defenses with heavy-ordinance warheads that rival air-dropped bombs in terms of explosive power.

The pair of Golan 400 launchers shown in the image above are located on the outskirts of the rebel-held suburbs of Jobar.

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