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ISIL completely trapped in central Syria after losing strategic supply line: map

19 August 2017 10:59


It was only a matter of time before ISIL found themselves besieged in the Hama Governorate; however, not many could have predicted the complete collapse of the terrorist group in the entire Syrian Desert.

On Friday, ISIL’s nightmare became a reality, as the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and their allies reached the Al-Sha’er Mountains from their positions in the Ithriya countryside.

With the Syrian Army in control of every road leading the eastern countryside the Salamiyah District, ISIL is now forced to dig-in for a siege of the strategic town of ‘Uqayrbat, which has been their stronghold for over two years.

According to a military source in Hama, ISIL managed to withdraw most of their fighters from eastern Salamiyah before losing their final supply line to the area.

The source added that ISIL has mostly left suicide bombers in the area so that they can impede the Syrian Army’s liberation of ‘Uqayrbat, which is expected to occur in the coming days.

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