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Syria: Long Convoy of ISIL’s Military Vehicles Destroyed in Air Raid en Route to Raqqa

19 August 2017 16:08


 Tens of terrorists were killed or wounded after a long convoy of ISlL’s vehicles reportedly came under attack by the Russian air force en route from Western Deir Ezzur to the South-East of Raqqa province, well-informed sources said Saturday.

The sources reported that the fighter jets that bombed ISIL’s military convoy were possibly from the Russian Air Force, adding that the convoy left Western Deir Ezzur for the town of Ma’adan and the Southern bank of the Euphrates River in Raqqa province, the last stronghold of ISIL in South-East Raqqa.

The sources added that ISIL tried to provide support for the terrorists that are in tough battle with the Syrian pro-government forces in Ma’adan.

The fighter jets hit ISIL’s military column hard, leaving tens of terrorists dead or wounded and a number of their vehicles destroyed.

The Syrian army units have laid siege on ISIL in Ma’adan from the Western and Southern directions.

Field sources reported on Friday that the army men drove ISIL out of al-Toweinan Gas Factory, al-Toweinan energy field, al-Akram energy field, Qarb al-Hossein energy field, al-Qadir energy field and al-Toweinan pumping station in the Southeastern part of Raqqa province.

Tens of ISIL terrorists were killed or wounded and 15 military vehicles of terrorists were destroyed in the operation, they added.

The sources said that the army’s engineering units have embarked on defusing bombs and landmines planted by ISIL in the newly-liberated regions.

In the meantime, the army troops, operating in Eastern Hama, took control of 13km of road connecting the town of Ithriya to al-Toweinan al-Karim region and several hills and heights.

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