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Syrian Army liberates vast territory from ISIS in central Homs

19 August 2017 10:53


With ISIS resistance in central Syria experiencing total collapse amid a number of mammoth advances by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in eastern Hama Governorate, government troops near the town of Faraqlas have capitalized on the situation by liberating vast tracks of territory north of the Homs to Palmyra highway

Today, army forces in central Homs Governorate advanced against ISIS securing the strategic areas of al-Taliah al-Gharbiyah and al-Taliah al-Sharqiyah which are located to the east of Shumariyah mountain chain (northwest of the T-4 Airbase).

Despite the fact that ISIS forces in the region are being totally routed, the advance made in central Homs today was nonetheless contested by the terrorist group, only being achieved after SAA troops killed and injured dozens of terrorist fighters.

As the SAA squeezes ISIS militants in eastern Hama, so to can it be expected that army units in central Homs will apply equal pressure simultaneously to ensure the rapid and total destruction of all remaining terrorists throughout the region.

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