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ISIL Suffers Heavy Defeats in Army Attacks in Central Syria

20 August 2017 23:06

The Syrian Army troops, backed up by the country’s Air Force, inflicted major losses on the ISIL within the framework of their large-scale operations in the provinces of Hama, Homs and Raqqa, military sources said on Sunday.

The sources said that the army’s artillery units shelled heavily ISIL’s positions and movements East of the town of al-Sukhnah, Mosheireheh al-Janoubi and Abu Qatour in Eastern Homs, killing over 20 terrorists and destroying several military vehicles.

They added that the army soldiers also fortified their positions in Humeimeh region.

In the meantime, the army units drove ISIL out of Ba’ar Qadim and Ba’ar Tuweinan in the Southeastern part of Raqqa province.

Also, the artillery and missile units targeted ISIL’s defense lines in areas surrounding the terrorist-held town of Aqayrabat in Hama province, killing and wounding a number of militants.

Relevant reports said on Saturday that the army troops and popular forces ended the first phase of their anti-ISIL operation in Central part of the country, including in Raqqa, Homs and Hama province, after imposing full control over 9,000sq/km of land.

The pro-government forces pushed ISIL terrorists from their positions in the Southeastern part of Raqqa province, Eastern Homs and Eastern Hama, a military source said, adding that the army soldiers managed to take control of 9,000sq/km, including 25 towns and villages and five oil and gas wells in five days of military operation against ISIL in Central Syria.

Hundreds of terrorists were killed or wounded, 8 armored vehicles, 30 military vehicles, 14 arms depots, 18 command centers and 1 missile Launchpad were destroyed in the operations.


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