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Syrian Army Makes Fresh Gains in War on Terrorism in Homs Province

22 August 2017 15:11


The Syrian Army troops stormed ISIL’s positions in Eastern Homs and drove terrorists out of the key Huweisis region on Tuesday.

The army men clashed fiercely with ISIL West of Jabal (mount) al-Sha’er Northwest of the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur) in Tal al-Sawaneh region and imposed control over Huweisis region South of Mount Abu Dhohour.

In the meantime, the Syrian Air Force carried out a number of combat flights over ISIL’s strongholds in the villages of Rasm al-Sawaneh, Southeast of Rasm al-Baroud and Qasr al-Hayer Sharqi in Eastern Homs, destroying all the targets and killing or wounding a number of terrorists.

Relevant reports said on Sunday that the army men stormed ISIL’s defense lines in surrounding of the recently-liberated town of al-Sukhnah and managed to free a gas field 5km far away al-Sukhnah along the road to Deir Ezzur.

In the meantime, other units of the army engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL near the captured gas field and took control of several hills and houses 3km away from the gas field.

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