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Zionist-puppet Sudanese regime slammed over normalization remarks

24 August 2017 14:09


The Sudanese-Palestinian Brothers Association has strongly denounced Sudanese investment minister Mubarak al-Fadel for calling for normalizing relations between his country and Israel.

In recent remarks to a local TV channel, minister Fadel voiced his support for any effort to establish and normalize relations between Sudan and Israel.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Brothers Association said such a position by the minister “goes beyond all balances of justice and humanitarian norms, glorifies the unjust occupation and condemns the oppressed and besieged Palestinian people in Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem.”

“We are saddened that a politician such as Mubarak al-Fadel propagates ideas for the Zionists at the expense of Palestine and its valiant resistance,” the Association stated.

The Association also demanded the Sudanese president or his premier to fire Fadel from his post or order him to resign following his shocking position that contradicted the convictions and conscience of the people of Sudan.

It also called on the parliament to enact legislation criminalizing any call or attempt to normalize relations with Israel in order to protect the homeland against “possible Zionist infiltrations.”



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