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Damascus Agrees with ISIL Relocation from Border with Lebanon to Deir Ezzur

28 August 2017 11:18


The Syrian government announced a few minutes ago that it has allowed evacuation of ISIL gunmen from bordering heights with Lebanon to the Eastern province of Deir Ezzur.

The Syrian state TV announced that Damascus has allowed ISIL gunmen to leave the heights in the Western Qalamoun region at border with Lebanon for Deir Ezzur province after the army and the Lebanese Hezbollah declared ceasefire with ISIL in Western Qalamoun this morning.

The ISIL terrorists have been under siege of the army and Hezbollah in Western Qalamoun.

Military sources said earlier today that a number of ISIL terrorists surrendered to the Lebanese Hezbollah in Western Qalamoun region on Sunday and called for relocation to Syria’s Deir Ezzur in return for giving information about the fate of captured soldiers of the Lebanese army in 2014.

The sources close to the Syrian Army and Hezbollah reported that ISIL surrendered to the Hezbollah fighters after the army soldiers and Hezbollah fighters approached Halimeh Qareh height.

The sources said that based on an agreement the surrendered-members of ISIL are to be relocated to Deir Ezzur after the terrorists cleared the fate of the Lebanese captives that have been in ISIL’s jail for several years.

The sources confirmed that implementation of the agreement has started and Hezbollah has taken control over Wadi Mira passageway which was under ISIL’s control.

Eight Lebanese soldiers were kidnapped in clashes in Arsal in Eastern Lebanon in 2014. There was no information about their fate for several years.

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