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Elite Syrian unit exterminates ISIS raiders in Raqqa

28 August 2017 11:22


A rather graphic video has been released on pro-government social media showing the aftermath of a successful engagement by an unidentified special forces unit of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) against ISIS raiders somewhere in Raqqa Governorate.

The firefight was centered around a trap set up by elite army forces and appears to have resulted in the death of three ISIS fighters as well as the seizing of the machine gun-armed Toyota pickup in which they were traveling.

A Syrian commander (who hides his face) belonging to the special forces unit that set up the trap is heard explaining how his men caught the ISIS militants whilst they were on the move and that documents were found on the terrorists linking them to Al-Qaeda.

The exact Syrian Army special forces team which was part of the engagement is unknown, however, considering it took place somewhere in Raqqa and based on the uniform worn by the interviewed commander, the unit is likely part of the Republican Guard’s 124th Special Forces Brigade.

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