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Syrian Army scores new advance in central Syria, two villages liberated

7 September 2017 17:35


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) liberated more areas in the central region of Syria this week, following another major assault launched in the Homs Governorate’s Jubb Al-Jarrah District.

Led by the 5th Corps and 18th Tank Division, the Syrian Arab Army attacked several areas in the southeastern part of the Jubb Al-Jarrah District, today, scoring a new advance after a fierce battle with the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIL) forces.

According to the Syrian Ministry of Defense, the army liberated the villages of Rasm Humayd Al-Hibrah Al-Gharbiyah, along with several hills and mountains in southeastern Jubb Al-Jarrah.

The Syrian Arab Army is now progressing in the Jabal Al-Shumiriyah area, as they tighten the noose around the remaining Islamic State terrorists in this rugged region.

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