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FSA Terrorists to Hand over Checkpoints at Border with Jordan to Syrian Army

8 September 2017 16:34


Checkpoints at Damascus province’s border with Jordan that are under the control of the Free Syria Army (FSA) militants will possibly be handed over to the Syrian Army troops after mediation by Jordan and Russia, an FSA-affiliated group announced on Friday.

Saeed Seif, the Spokesman for Aham Abdu terrorist group affiliated to the FSA, said that his forces are evacuating al-Handalat camp in Southeastern Damascus near the border with Jordan at the request of Mouk Operation Room.

In the meantime, other sources said that the terrorist group will deliver al-Handalat camp to the Syrian government forces following an agreement guaranteed by Amman and Moscow.

Relevant reports said on Sunday that the army troops continued their anti-terrorism operation in Southeastern Damascus and seized control over more checkpoints at border with Jordan.

The army men stormed terrorists’ strongholds in Southeastern Damascus and captured checkpoints 169 and 170 at border with Jordan.

The army soldiers inflicted major losses on the militants during their advances.

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