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Iran, Venezuela Underline Bolstering Economic Relations

8 September 2017 15:31


 Senior Iranian and Venezuelan officials in a meeting in Tehran underlined the need for developing mutual cooperation in different fields.

During the meeting in the Iranian capital on Thursday, senior officials from both countries’ private and government sectors discussed ways to enhance mutual cooperation, specially in economic and trade fields.

The two sides focused on mechanism to develop economic and trade cooperation between Iran and Venezuela.

Iranian Ambassador to Caracas Mustafa A’laei who was also present in the meeting delivered speech in the meeting.

In relevant remarks in early August, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Venezuelan Minister for Planning Ricardo José Menéndez Prieto in a meeting in Tehran underlined the need for the further expansion of mutual cooperation.

During the meeting in the Iranian capital, Zarif and Menéndez Prieto explored avenues for bolstering and reinvigorating bilateral ties in different areas.

During the meeting, the Iranian foreign minister said Tehran has always supported the demands of the Venezuelan government and people, and expressed the hope that Caracas would be able to restore stability and tranquility to the country through prudence.

Zarif reiterated that Tehran has categorically condemned Washington’s new sanctions against Caracas.

“The Americans think sanctions are an asset they can use, and hence, they recently slapped sanctions against Iran and Russia. They have been imposing sanctions on us for 35 years now. In fact, some of the progress we have made in different economic and technological areas has been due to these very sanctions and our people’s resistance against them,” the Iranian foreign minister added.

Zarif underlined that the most important reason why Iran has managed to counter sanctions has been reliance on domestic potential and people’s potentialities.

“The people are the driving force behind economic progress and development,” the Iranian foreign minister added.

“With reliance on people, you can hold talks with the world from a position of power,” he added.

The Iranian foreign minister welcomed promotion of mutual cooperation in the oil sector while saying Iran is ready to share with Venezuela its experience in tackling sanctions.

“Also within the framework of the Non-Aligned Movement, the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a member of the movement’s Troika, is ready to work with Venezuela, which currently holds the rotating presidency of the movement, to help it counter the illegal sanctions,” Zarif said.

“We have always stood by the Venezuelan government and people, and will continue to do so. We hope the Venezuelan government’s success in establishing the Constituent Assembly will set the stage to prompt the opposition to come to the negotiating table and to return stability and tranquility to the country,” Zarif concluded.

The Venezuelan planning minister, for his part, expressed gratitude to Iran for supporting his country in the face of foreign pressure.

He referred to Washington’s threats and pressure against his country, and appreciated Tehran’s backing for Caracas.

The Venezuelan minister said that Iran offers considerable support to Venezuela in the face of unilateral foreign pressure and sanctions, adding that his country would like to draw on Iran’s experience in tackling sanctions.

“Iran and Venezuela should use US threats and pressure as an opportunity to further boost mutual relations. The official underlined that Venezuela will always stand by Iran,” he added.

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