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Syrian troops liberate another three towns in central Syria amid ISIS collapse

8 September 2017 17:00


Amid what appears to be a general collapse of besieged ISIS forces in central Syria, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and National Defence Forces (NDF) have liberated yet another three towns today.

Following the liberation of the towns of Abu Qator, Abu Liyah and Jib Habal earlier today, the SAA and NDF have since continued on to secure three more settlements named Mashirfah Janoubyah, Rasm al-Sabaa and Mazare al-Saiyad from ISIS.

The newly liberated towns are located east of Um Jame which itself is near the strategic town of Jibb al-Jarrah.

At both the northern (east Hama region) and southern (north-central Homs region) axes of the central Syria pocket, it appears that ISIS is experiencing a total military collapse in the face of the Syrian Army and allied militias who both outnumber and outgun its forces throughout the region.

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