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Mikdad: Deir Ezzor Achievement Brings Syrians Closer to Moment of Final Victory

12 September 2017 20:28


The Syrian Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Faisal Mikdad stressed the importance of the strategic achievement realized by the Syrian Arab Army in cooperation with the allies in Deir Ezzor, which has suffered from ISIL terrorist organization.

In an interview with Beirut-based al-Mayadeen TV on Sunday, Mikdad said that this achievement is a turning point in eliminating terrorism as “it brings us closer to the moment of the final victory.”

He pointed out that the attacks of the US-led international coalition’s warplanes against one of the Syrian Arab Army’s position in Thardah Mountain in Deir Ezzor last year paved the way for ISIL terrorists to attack and control the position, asserting that Deir Ezzor Airport was a strategic target for the US and ISIS terrorist organization which is one of the Israeli and US tools in the region.

Mikdad hailed the sacrifices presented by the Syrian Arab Army in realizing this significant achievement.

Syria will ever remain united as all the schemes against it began to be exposed, Mikdad said, indicating that the huge achievements realized by the Syrian army earlier in Aleppo and today in Deir Ezzor are turning points on the long way for defeating terrorism and fulfilling the aspirations of the Syrian people and Syria’s friends in the region and the world.

Mikdad said that the United States is ready to exterminate entire peoples in order to secure its interests and strategic influence in this area that binds Syria with Iraq.

The Deputy Foreign Minister reiterated that any foreign presence on the Syrian territories is unacceptable according to the international law and the US presence on the Syrian soil can’t be justified at all as the US forces destroyed the infrastructure in Syria and its works serve terrorism only.

He confirmed that whoever wants to fight terrorism should coordinate with the Syrian army.

Mikdad expressed his thanks and appreciation to the allies and all those who helped Syria strike terrorism, represented by ISIL, the symbol of global terrorism.

He stressed that Syria does not possess any chemical substances  and does not use those weapons, indicating that in the upcoming days there will be meetings in The Hague with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to put an end to the pending issues and to permanently close the so-called chemical issue.

On the latest Israeli attack on an army position in Messiyaf area in Hama countryside, Mikdad said that the attack aimed at diverting the attention from fighting the Israeli-US-backed terrorism, warning against the repetition of such attacks.


Source: SANA

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