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Syrian Army Imposes Control over More Terrorist-Held Positions in Eastern Damascus

26 September 2017 15:05


The Syrian Army troops continued their large-scale operation in Eastern Ghouta and captured several buildings and positions on Tuesday.

The army men stormed terrorists’ defense lines in al-Reihan farms and Hawsh al-Zawahereh.

Also, the army’s missile and artillery units pounded terrorists’ gathering centers in the region.

A military source confirmed that the army soldiers seized control over several buildings along the road connecting Jobar and Ein Terma regions in areas surrounding Mat’halaq al-Janoubi.

The Syrian Army troops kicked off a fresh large-scale anti-terrorism operation in Eastern Ghouta on Monday after the militants blocked all ways to a peace agreement in the region.

The army men stormed terrorists’ positions in Jobar, Ein Terma, al-Reihan and Hawsh al-Zawaherah in the Eastern countryside of Damascus city.

Also, the army’s missile and artillery units pounded heavily terrorists’ positions and supply lines in the region.

A military source reported that soldiers of the Presidential Guard stormed Ein Terma and Jobar as soon as the artillery and missile units ended shelling the terrorists’ defense lines, adding that other units of the army launched attacks on terrorists’ positions in Hawsh al-Zawahereh and al-Reihan.

The source further said that it is the first time that the army carries out anti-terrorism operation in Eastern Ghouta from several flanks, adding that such kind of attacks will weaken the militants’ concentration, “and the battle will not last long”.

In the meantime, a military source that was aware of the process of peace talks with the militants said that the peace agreement failed in the reign due to the differences among the terrorist groups, adding that even the Russian officials that were involved in peace talks in Eastern Ghouta realized that the terrorist groups were not serious about the talks.

The source said that the Russians also came to the conclusion that military operation was the only solution to purge the region of terrorists.

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