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Imam Hussein (AS), reformer of Islam: Sunni cleric

2 October 2017 11:30


Sheikh Sohaib Habli, Sunni member of Society of Muslim scholars in Lebanon, stressed had it not for the sake of contribution made by Imam Hussein (AS), Islam would not have been completed for us praising the third Shia Imam as the reformer of Islam, Taqrib News Agency (TNA) quoted RASA News as saying.

He said,” Era of Imam Hussein era was not an era of Shia and Sunni but a period of truth and falsehood.”

The Sunni cleric hailed the third Shia Imam for rising to reform the religion of his grandfather Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and said,” Many people call Ashura as a revolution and I oppose that because Imam Hussein (AS) was greater than a mere revolution it was an absolute Qur’anic movement.”

Lebanese cleric stressed the holy book of Islam as the factor which inspired Imam Hussein (AS) to rise against the tyrants of his time and reiterated that the uprising of Imam Hussein (AS) as the issue of right against evil.

He quoted Qur’an in verse 93 of chapter Nisa saying “Whoever kills a believer deliberately, the penalty for him is Hell, where he will remain forever. And God will be angry with him, and will curse him, and will prepare for him a terrible punishment” (chapter Nisa verse 93) and called Yazid, then tyrant ruler of Muslims, as a doomed person.

Sheikh Habli hailed Imam Hussein as the key for survival of the religion by Prophet Mohammad (PBUIH) amongst Muslims today.

According to the Sunni scholar Muslims should ponder the influences of Ashura on thier hearts and on the changes it has brought to their behavior.

He called all Muslims to practice the messages of Ashura in order to turn into true loyalists of Imam Hussein (AS).

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