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Syria’s victories in war against terror have worried Israel: Analyst

3 October 2017 22:02


The Israeli regime has been aiding and abetting militant groups to destabilize Syria in order to increase its influence in the region, but the plot has borne no fruit, says a writer.

Syria’s victories in the war against the Daesh Takfiri terrorists and others make the Israeli regime “worried about diminishing of its own power and influence” in the region, Robert Fantina told Press TV on Tuesday.

Israel is desperately trying “to remain a major player in the Middle East” through destabilizing the regional countries, the writer and political analyst said.

Israel has tried to destabilize Syria, but the plot has failed because the Syrian nation has been against regime change, he said.

According to Fantina, the Syrian government’s success in foiling plots hatched by Washington and Tel Aviv as well as Damascus’ alliance with Iran and other countries have “threatened Israel’s power and influence” in the region.

On Tuesday, Israeli Minister of Military Affairs Avigdor Lieberman voiced concern about the Syrian government’s ongoing achievements in the course of the war in the Arab country, urging the US to assume a more active role in the developments in Syria.


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