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More Civilians Killed in Satanic US-Led Coalition Airstrikes in Raqqa

5 October 2017 17:45


The US-led coalition’s airstrikes against Raqqa city in Northeastern Syria killed and wounded several other civilians.

The US fighter jets pounded a residential block in al-Kahroba region in Raqqa city, killing at least 15 civilians and wounding a number of others.

Medical sources in Raqqa had also reported on Wednesday that the US-led coalition fighter jets bombed residential areas in ISIL-held city, killing and wounding 35 civilians, mostly women and children.

The sources reported that the warplanes targeted a water well in al-Hadiqa al-Bayezah (white garden) area in al-Towe’eiyeh region Northwest of Raqqa city, killing 21 civilians and wounding 14 more.

The sources added that most of the dead and injured people are children and women that had gathered around the well to take water out for their daily consumption.

They added that it was the last water well that contained drinking water.

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