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Iran against foreigners’ secessionist plot in region

6 October 2017 15:00


On his Instagram page, President Rouhani wrote, “the people of Iraqi Kurdistan are our good neighbors and dear brothers, but we never accept the secession policy that foreigners have plotted for our region.”

“We do not accept the separatism and the escalation of ethno-religious conflicts created by aliens against our region,” Rouhani underlined.

Pointing to his meeting with Turkish counterpart Recep Tayip Erdogan, President Rouhani said Iranian and Turkey’s governments are after boosting trade transactions between the two countries, which currently stands around $10 billion, to $30 billion.

“Development of banking relations, trade in national currency, and the 24-hour operation of the three borders between the two countries for the transit of goods, were among the decisions taken in the talks with the Turkish president,” he underlined.

Referring to the position of the two countries regarding the independence of KRG, Rouhani said the people of Iraqi Kurdistan are our good neighbors and dear brothers, and we do not want to put pressure on them, but we do not accept the separatist policies and exacerbated ethnic and religious differences that foreigners have plotted for our region. In this regard, Iran and Turkey have a decisive and united position and will not accept any change in the geographical boundaries.

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