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Rabid zionist Chief of Staff Concerned about Hezbollah: “Gravest Threat” Comes from North

8 October 2017 14:53


Chief of staff of Israeli occupation forces, Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot voiced concern about Hezbollah “more than any other enemy,” noting that the gravest threat to the Zionist entity comes from the north.

In an interview with Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, Eisenkot could not rule out infilittration by Hezbollah fighters into the occupied territories in any upcoming confrontation witth the Zionist entity.

“I can’t guarantee there wouldn’t be an infiltration into Israel’s territory and into a community. I can guarantee high efficiency in defense, I can guarantee that if anyone infiltrates the State of Israel, we would kill them. We would prevent (Hezbollah) from having any significant achievements. Both Hezbollah and Hamas understand the unbearable price they would have to pay for infiltrating an Israeli community and harming civilians,” Ynet quoted the IOF Chief of Staff as saying.

Eisenkot looks to the north, where he sees the gravest threat to “Israel” in the region, Ynet reported on Saturday.

Asked if the Zionist entity is facing imminent war, Eizenkot said: “At the moment, I don’t see desire or motivation in any of our enemies to attack, to intentionally start a war. Our experience has taught us that our test as an army should center on capabilities. There is significant capability (to start a war) in Lebanon and certain capability in Syria.”

He talked about Hezbollah’s capabilities as saying: “Hezbollah is a semi-military organization, with many components and aspects of a military. It has gained experience over the last few years in the kind of fighting I don’t take lightly: It operated battalions and brigades, received offensive aid, made intelligence collection efforts.”

“Hezbollah is the enemy we’re concerned about right now, more than any other enemy around us, but the strategic balance massively tips in the (Israeli forces’) favor,” Eizenkot told Ynet.

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