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Iran confirms 5-Year jail term for Ex-Iranian nuclear negotiator

9 October 2017 12:50


“The conviction of (Abdol-Rasool) Dorri Najaf Abadi on charges of spying for foreign intelligence services and leaking information have been upheld,” pointed out Ejei in a press conference in Tehran.

Back in May, the judiciary spokesman had announced that Dorri Najaf Abadi had been sentenced to a prison term, but added that he could not provide details since the verdict could be appealed.

He added that Dorri Najaf Abadi holds a dual citizenship and is convicted on charges of spying for two foreign intelligence services.

The final verdict was upheld after his case was reviewed by an appeals court, Ejei added.
The news of arrest of the former member of the negotiating team was first announced by the Judiciary spokesperson in August 2016.

Described by the Judiciary spokesman as a spy who had infiltrated into the nuclear team, he was initially released on bail, but now has to serve a five-year prison term.

Iran’s nuclear negotiators and representatives of the Group 5+1 (Russia, China, the US, Britain, France and Germany) held several rounds of talks over a period of 22 months before they reached an agreement on Tehran’s  peaceful nuclear program in July 2015.

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