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US after creating second Israel in eastern Syria

10 October 2017 17:29


Iranian Leader’s Senior Adviser Ali Akbari Velayati warns that the increasing presence of the US in eastern Syria signifies their intention to split the region. They have the same plot for Iraq, looking for the formation of a second Israel.

Speaking at a meeting with Syria’s envoy to Tehran, Ali Akbar Velayati stated that Syria’s government and president Bashar al-Assad proved their support for the Resistance in the region. The US and Saudi Arabia thought they could defeat Syria within a few weeks, but with the guidance of Bashar al-Assad, the government and its people managed to resist for six years, eventually winning an international war.

“The government and people of Syria guarded the honor of the resistance, and demonstrated that it is possible to stand against an evil and international plot.” He added.

Velayati went on to say that without doubt, the hostility of the US and the Zionist regime will bear no fruit in the face of Resistance Front. He was certain that Syria’s government will make further efforts to maintain their territorial integrity.

He noted that the region’s situation is very complicated, but terrorists, extremist groups and their supporters have been defeated, adding that the countries of the region have consensus on their shared interests which makes them triumphant against the disintegration plots of their enemies.

Velayati stressed on the intelligent and insightful guides of Leader of Islamic Revolution without which victory would be impossible.

Adnan Hassan Mahmoud, Syrian envoy to Tehran, expressed his gratitude for Leader’s influential role in the victories of the region and said that Iran stood against terrorists with all its might.

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