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Lebanese Sunni Cleric: Necessity of launching unity-themed television channel

13 October 2017 9:14


Top Lebanese cleric highlighted necessity of launching a television channel in line with Islamic unity warning against those channels active to divide Muslim world.
Sheikh Zoheir Jo’eyd, head of the Islamic Action Movement in Lebanon, in his remarks in the international conference on diplomacy of unity stressed that Islamic solidarity is not confined to scholars and that a television channel should be launched as part of confrontation with hostile channels, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He said,” What is we witness at present is not a clash of denominations but a global plot against Islam.”

He reiterated that Muslims should follow the guidelines of the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution and practice piety and unity in order to achieve victory.

He called Shia and Sunni as one soul in two bodies and stressed,” We should focus our activities on universities and television channels jointly operated by Shia and Sunni because there are several channels with the agenda of dividing Muslims and promoting Wahhabism.”

He called Iran as the country which belongs to both Shia and Sunni communities and the world of Islam should reach the belief that Shia and Sunni clerics can take steps together since victory is made merely in passing unity.

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