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Syria: Terrorists Withdraw from Several Regions East of Deir Ezzur

13 October 2017 17:48


The Syrian Army troops hit ISIL’s defense lines hard on the Eastern bank of the Euphrates River, capturing more regions, military sources confirmed on Friday.

The sources said that the army men clashed fiercely with ISIL and imposed control over Marat Fowqani region in the Eastern bank of the Euphrates River.

They added that the army soldiers also won back the village of Hatlah Tahtani and advanced against terrorists considerably in the village of Hatlah Fowqani.

Meantime, the Syrian Air Force pounded the positions and movements of ISIL in the towns of Mouhassan and al-Mayadeen and in the villages of Buqrus, al-Janineh, al-Hosseiniyeh, Hatlah, Sa’alou, Ziban, Hawa’ej Ziban, Bu Leil, al-Salehiyeh and the neighborhoods of Kanamat, al-Hamidiyeh, Sheikh Yaseen, Khasarat and al-Arzi, destroying several vehicles and command posts.

Relevant reports said on Thursday that the army forces continued to march on terrorists’ positions in the town of al-Mayadeen, and captured the al-Ba’loum district and al-Ba’loum square in the Western parts of the town.

They also advanced from their positions in the automatic furnace region, retaking control of al-Balout district and half of al-Sina’ah district.

Meantime, other army units won control of the power company, al-Madiheh and al-Tayebeh districts and al-Tayebeh school at the Southern entrance of the city from the ISIL terrorists.

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