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Yemeni Missile Hits Saudi Regime Military Base in Jizan, Causes Fatalities

15 October 2017 10:01


Yemeni Hezbollah forces fired a ballistic missile at a enemy of Islam Saudi regime’s military base in Jizan region in the Southwestern part of Arabic peninsula, informed sources said.

A military source told Arabic-language outlets on Saturday that the medium-range Qaher M-2 missile had precisely hit the Saudi military base in al-Wasm region of Jizan province.

He said the missile strike came following precise reconnaissance and killed a large number of Saudi troops as well as mercenaries and injured dozens more.

The source further warned that the Yemeni forces were fully ready to surprise the Saudi troops in the near future with their missiles strikes.

Yemeni forces regularly fire ballistic missile at positions inside Saudi Arabia in retaliation for Saudi military strikes on Yemen.

The Saudi-led war, which began in March 2015, has been accompanied by a naval and aerial blockade on Yemen. It has so far killed over 15,000  people and led to a humanitarian crisis and a cholera outbreak.

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