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‘israeli’ jet violated Syrian airspace before missile response: Syrian MoD

17 October 2017 15:38


An israeli warplane illegally entered Syrian airspace on Monday, prompting a response from the Syrian Air Defense, the Syrian Ministry of Defense claimed.

“The Israeli warplane violated [Syria’s] airspace near the border with Lebanon in the Ba’albak area at 08:51 A.M. local time (05:51 GMT)” and therefore were attacked by the Syrian air defense systems,” the Ministry of Defense’s statement read.

The Syrian Ministry of Defense’s claim contrasted that of the Israel Defense Forces’ Spokesperson, who alleged that the warplane never crossed into Syrian territory.

While Israel claims they did not cross into Syrian airspace, it would be out of the ordinary for the Syrian Air Defense forces to fire an anti-aircraft missile at an Israeli warplane flying over Lebanon.

Israeli warplanes fly over Lebanon everyday and they purposely conduct mock raids near the Syrian border, so the likelihood of the Syrian Air Defense forces firing on an enemy fighter jet in Lebanese airspace would be extremely rare.

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