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Map update: Syrian Army ready to liberate Al-Omar oil fields in south Deir Ezzor

17 October 2017 22:03


Following the liberation of Al-Mayadeen and the cementing of the siege on ISIS forces trapped in Deir Ezzor city, the Syrian Arab Army is now in position to cross the Euphrates River south of Al-Busayrah and secure the Al-Omar oil fields.

The operation to cross to the eastern Euphrates shore south of Al-Busayrah directly towards the Al-Omar oil fields will be led by the Syrian Army’s elite Tiger Forces which, sources say, will play no part in the campaign to liberate Deir Ezzor city from Islamic State militants.

The disposition of ISIS forces opposite Al-Mayadeen is unknown at this time but it is assumed that given the fact the terrorist group has now been reduced to holding such a small area in Syria, resistance offered to Syrian Army advance will be fierce.

Right on time, US-backed, Kurdish-led militias have concluded their operation in Raqqa city, capturing it today. By this accomplishment, Kurdish forces have freed-up many thousands of troops for service elsewhere – it is natural to assume that a high-proportion of these troops will be sent in support of the Al-Jazeera Storm operation in eastern Deir Ezzor provinc

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