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Syrian army liberates all of western Euphrates bank from Deir Ezzor to Al-Mayadeen

18 October 2017 10:21


The Syrian Arab Army’s elite Tiger Forces successfully completed the final phase of their Al-Mayadeen operation today, liberating the last string of towns and villages on the western bank of the Euphrates between the former ISIS capital and Deir Ezzor city.

Just minutes ago, word came in from military sources exclusive to Al-Masdar News that the Tiger Forces cleared the settlements of Muhassan (also spelt Mo Hussan), Bo Lil , Bo Omar and Al-Abd.

These settlements had been bypassed and encircled during the Tiger Forces’ initial offensive push south of Deir Ezzor which saw them liberate Al-Mayadeen city.

By this advance, the Syrian Army has liberated all villages and towns along the western Euphrates bank between Deir Ezzor of Al-Mayadeen.

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