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US Fears War on Iran: Top Iran Commander

1 November 2017 8:58


Commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Major General Mohammad Ali Jaafari said Americans must know that Iran’s defensive and missile capabilities is the honor of the Iranian nation.

Addressing a conference entitled “A World Free of Terror” in Tehran on Tuesday, Major General Jaafari said Americans, considering that they became disappointed with their plots against the Iranian nation, realizing that their previous pressures have made Iranians more resistant, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is still going its own way, decided to impose economic sanctions against Iranian nation.

However, this plan is targeting the Iranian economy in nature, he said, adding that the IRGC and missile capabilities of the Islamic Republic are only pretexts for the US sanctions.

The IRGC commander also pointed to Washington’s never-ending hostilities toward Tehran and said the Iranian people who have witnessed the hostilities for decades will never accept to adjust their military and defense capabilities and equipment according to the US government’s desire.

“The range of Iran’s missiles is limited, i.e. not more than 2,000 kilometers, due to the policies set by the Leader of Islamic Revolution; we are capable to increase the range of missiles, but this is enough for us because we have the power to answer any hostility,” he noted.

IRGC commander underlined no expectation of war between Iran and the US, noting Americans greatly fear the consequences of war, and they know if they start a war, they are the main loser and their victory is not guaranteed; therefore, they do not engage in such a war; they are seeking economic pressure, in return.


Source: Mehr News Agency

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