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Terrorist israel, its puppet India launch ‘largest-ever’ aerial drill

6 November 2017 15:21


Terrorist israel has launched its largest aerial exercise ever with air forces from India and seven other countries taking part, the Times of Israel reported.  

The military exercise, dubbed Blue Flag, began at the Israeli Air Force’s Ovda base, north of Eilat, on Sunday, the paper said.

According to the Israeli military, India is taking part in the 11-day drill for the first time, sending a C-130J transport plane.

Teams from the United States, Greece, Poland, France, Italy and Germany are also participating in the exercise, along with an eighth country that Israel declined to identify.

The participating countries reportedly dispatched fighter jets, transport planes and refueling aircraft for the drill.

“The participating nations arrived in Israel in their own aircraft and will practice different situations and scenarios,” the Israeli military said.

More than a thousand people, including pilots, commanders and technical personnel, are taking part in the biennial exercise, according to the report.

The aerial exercise reportedly aimed to improve technical ability and to strengthen the “diplomatic cooperation between the countries,” Israel’s army said.

Tel Aviv claimed that the planning for the 2017 exercise began about a year ago, adding that it was not tied to any particular ongoing security situation.

Israel kicked off the biennial Blue Flag exercise in 2013. This year’s drill is the third exercise held since then.

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