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UN: Saudi-led Coalition Preventing Humanitarian Aid Delivery to Yemen

7 November 2017 15:57


The UN announced on Tuesday that Saudi-led coalition’s blockade on Yemen prevented the international organization from sending two humanitarian aid flights to the war-torn country.

The Saudi-led coalition’s decision to close off Yemen’s air, sea and land borders prevented the United Nations on Monday from sending two humanitarian aid flights to the war-torn country, a UN spokesman Farhan Haq said.

The spokesman said that UN officials were in talks with the coalition to get permission for the flights to deliver aid to Yemen, where some seven million people are on the brink of famine.

“There were no flight clearances granted to our flights today,” Haq, adding: “We expected to have two flights going and those are on hold for now.”

Saudi Arabia on Sunday boosted its blockade on Yemen, shutting down all the war-torn country’s air, sea, and land ports.

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