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Iran president warns against new enemy plots in region


‘We are witnessing great achievements and victories across the region by the people and the issue of terrorism is almost in its final days,’ President Rouhani told reporters after his meeting with the heads of Iran’s Legislature and Judiciary branches.

‘That is why the enemies are after organizing new conspiracies,’ he added.

‘It is quite natural that encountered by such victories, the United States, te Zionist regime and their proxies in the region be furious,’ he said.

The Iranian president also said that disappointed by the victories achieved by people in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon aided and supported by friendly countries in the region, including Iran, the enemies tried to promote separatism and change the geographical borders.

‘This time again, they did not succeed,’ President Rouhani said.

Referring to the Saudi aggression against Yemen, he said, ‘for years, they have been dropping bombs on the impoverished people of Yemen, while the country is faced with spread of diseases like Cholera and the people are struggling with hunger and famine.’

‘They have put Yemen under naval and aerial blockade, preventing humanitarian aids to reach the country,’ he said

‘This is unbearable,’ the president added.

He also called on the people and governments in the region to be vigilant and be aware not to play in the enemy’s cou

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