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Iran’s embassy in Pakistan to host Islamic unity conference

11 November 2017 17:37


Cultural attaché of Iran’s embassy in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, has announced schedules for an upcoming conference on ‘Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), Heart of Islamic Unity’ to be held in late December, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Ali Aghanoori, cultural attaché of Iran’s embassy in Rawalpindi, has met with Allameh Arif Hussein Vahedi, secretary general of Islamic Movement, discussing the expansion of ties with the Sunni scholars in Pakistan.

Iranian and Pakistani figure in this meeting stressed importance of solidarity between the Shia scholars of Pakistan’s Islamic movement and the Sunni Muslims in line with expansion of relations between the two Islamic denominations in the country.

Ali Aqanoori reiterated importance of unity and cooperation among Muslims.

He announced that the cultural attaché of Iran’s embassy in Pakistan has planned to host international Islamic figures in a conference on ‘Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), Heart of Islamic Unity’.

Shia, Sunni ties has been a much debated issue on top of the agenda for most Muslim communities. It has been much debated across the world of Islam since the issue has fueled the fan of various conflicts.

Annual Islamic Unity Conference, held by Iran’s World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, is among the most prominent similar events which aims boosting the relation between different Islamic denominations.

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